Stadler and ELP present the EURO9000 at InnoTrans

Stadler is presenting the new generation of Co’Co’ locomotives, the EURO9000, with European Loc Pool (ELP) at InnoTrans 2022. The innovative and powerful EURO9000 enables sustainable operation on various rail freight corridors, where two locomotives are needed today. So far, ELP has purchased thirty EURO9000 locomotives which they will provide with full-service-lease agreements to various European rail freight operators from different countries.

Stadler is presenting the EURO9000, the latest member of its locomotive family, to the public for the first time at InnoTrans 2022. Since May 2019, European Rail Pool (ELP) has purchased 30 EURO9000 locomotives from Stadler. These purchases are part of the framework agreement signed between the two companies for a minimum 100 locomotives.

Rail Force One, who signed the first Full-Service Lease Agreement and is thus ELP’s launching customer for the EURO9000 locomotives, will use it to haul heavy cargo trains cross-border through Europe from mid-2023.

The powerful multisystem EURO9000 locomotives enable operations on both AC and DC electrified lines. In addition, the EURO9000 locomotives delivered to ELP are uniquely equipped with an electronic-door-locking-system, lateral mounted shunting controls in each cabin and radio remote control. It is also fitted with two 950 kW Stage V diesel engines, which can be operated with HVO diesel to ensure CO₂ neutral operations, for running the same trains on non-electrified track sections as well as for shunting in sidings and rail freight terminals. The low-emission engines can also boost extra power under 3 kV DC catenary.

Te TSI-compliant EURO9000 locomotives are intended for operations on international routes along the main European rail corridors. They accommodate several country packages, including conventional automatic train control systems, as well as ETCS. The basic configuration with Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium will be extended to other countries in the near future.

The newest member of the locomotive family

The EURO9000 is currently the most powerful electric locomotive in the European market. With 9 MW of power and 500 kN of tractive effort, in many cases the locomotive allows single locomotive operations where two locomotives are needed today. This results in a higher payload and lower traction costs.

As the newest member of Stadler’s EURO Co’Co’ locomotive family, the EURO9000 shares with the rest of the family the same high performance, compact design and lightweight monocoque structure, as well as the latest bogie technology. The locomotives also offer excellent comfort, safety and visibility for the drivers. They are prepared to be easily modified and updated in the future. The car body design enables the installation of hybrid couplers and digital automatic couplers (DAC).


Alternative drive technologies are playing an increasingly important role in reducing energy consumption, preventing harmful emissions, and meeting the EU’s target of climate neutrality by 2050. The EURO9000 modular design allows installation of up to three different on-board propulsion systems (electric, diesel and/or batteries) to efficiently cover operational needs on electrified and non-electrified routes. Other innovative features that lead to reductions in energy consumption and emissions include regenerative braking for energy recovery and an efficient AC traction system with one inverter per axle. Versatile, economical and green, the EURO9000 boosts energy efficiency, performance and reliability resulting in optimal LCC’s and therefore long-term cost-effectiveness of rail operations.

Iñigo Parra, CEO Stadler Valencia, says: “Stadler is taking a step forward in response to the challenges posed by rail freight transport. The EURO9000 offers rail operators an interoperable multi-system electric locomotive that enables high-speed and cross-border operations through European corridors with mixed traffic and the transport of longer and heavier trains with a single locomotive.”

Willem Goosen, CEO European Loc Pool, says: “The Euro9000 locomotive is clearly the “Next-Generation-Locomotive” on the European Rail Freight Market. It will bring some long-needed innovation to freight operations on rail, enabling our customers to carry out their transport-agreements efficiently and productively. ELP is very proud to have been part of the foundation of this new locomotive and to have been able to contribute significantly to the further development of this innovative concept.”