Stadler signs a contract for 22 locomotives for the Spanish Administration of Railway Infrastructure

Following the announcement of the tender win from 31 July 2019, Stadler in consortium with Erion now has signed the legally binding contract with the Spanish Administration of Railway Infrastructure (ADIF) for the supply of 22 rescue locomotives. The contract’s value is 115 million Euro and includes an 8-year service maintenance agreement.

The state-owned Spanish Administration of Railway Infrastructure has signed the contract with Stadler to supply 22 rescue locomotives in a consortium with Erion. Furthermore, the consortium has been commissioned with the maintenance of the vehicles over a period of eight years.

These locomotives are based on the light series locomotive platform and are intended for use in the standard gauge Spanish rail network to carry-out high-speed railway lines inspection, rescue operations of stranded trains, snow clearance and hauling of maintenance trains with a weight of up to 600 tons. The locomotives will be able to operate under all weather conditions between +45ºC and -25ºC.

They are high power four-axle diesel-electric locomotives with AC/AC transmission and low axle load, fully complying with all the European standards regarding safety, emissions and environmental protection. Characterized by their traction with IGBT, their innovative adhesion control system, high hauling capability, lightweight and reduced operation costs, they facilitate the infrastructure manager to offer a wide range of support services to rail operators. The locomotives are fitted with two cabs, ETCS and ASFA signalling systems and GSM-R communication systems. The maximal power output of the engine is 2.8 MW, the locomotives can reach a top speed of at least 160 km/h.

Consortium partner Erion provides rolling stock maintenance services to public and private operators across Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium and Germany. Erion is a joint venture between Stadler and Spanish rail operator RENFE. Stadler holds a majority stake in the company.