Stadler to unveil CITYLINK for Transport for Wales at InnoTrans

One of the 36 CITYLINK vehicles ordered by Transport for Wales will be officially revealed at InnoTrans this year. This vehicle is a so-called tram-train that can be used on both tram and mainline lines. The CITYLINK for Transport for Wales is equipped with a battery for the first time, enabling it to be used on non-electrified lines. It underscores Stadler’s strong environmental credentials and commitment to decarbonisation.

This year at InnoTrans, a Stadler CITYLINK will go on display. Transport for Wales has ordered 36 CITYLINK vehicles as part of the contract signed in 2019, which included 35 FLIRT trains. The CITYLINKs are modular, barrier-free light rail vehicles, designed to connect city centres with outlying areas. These vehicles can operate on the tram and rail network, and will serve the South Wales Metro lines. They feature traction battery systems, reducing carbon emissions and helping to prevent costly infrastructure investments for the client.

Capable of operating on both the rail track and on tram lines, they avoid passengers having to change modes, which promotes seamless travel and significantly increases the attractiveness of public transport in Wales. The three-car tram-trains can run purely electrically on both AC 25kV electrified lines and non-electrified lines, thanks to the traction batteries, which are being used on the CITYLINK for the first time.

The CITYLINKs have a driver’s cab at each end and reach speeds of 100 km/h. Safe and very comfortable, they are 40 metres long and can carry 252 passengers. Passenger compartments are spacious, bright and air-conditioned, and there are multifunctional areas for bicycles, seats for people with reduced mobility, as well as two wheelchair passenger spaces.

Dynamic testing is currently taking place at Network Rail’s Rail Innovation and Development Centre in Melton Mowbray, UK. Transport for Wales plans to introduce the fleet into passenger service next year.

Ralf Warwel, sales director for the UK and Ireland at Stadler, says: “The CITYLINK boasts enviable environmental credentials and will bring about a step-change in passenger travel. It illustrates Stadler’s pledge to provide ever greener solutions, supporting the decarbonisation of the railway, both in Wales and beyond.”

Alexia Course, Transport for Wales chief commercial officer says: “We’re extremely proud to have our new Stadler trains on show at InnoTrans this year and we’re excited to start introducing them to our Wales and Borders network over the coming months and years.  We’re on a transformational journey at Transport for Wales and these new trains are a key part of improving the customer experience, so that we can encourage more people to travel sustainably on public transport. These are modern trains, with high quality features that will offer our customers more accessible, reliable and greener transport.”

Stadler has more than 650 CITYLINK and TRAMLINK vehicles in service in eight countries alone, and they are particularly popular in mainland Europe. in