Venlo Depot, Venlo, Hollandia

Venlo Depot

Our customers
At the Venlo workshop, our customers are Arriva and Connexxion.

Our trains
On behalf of Arriva and Connexxion, Stadler Service Nederland maintains a varied fleet at Venlo. From Stadler Rail, there are both diesel and electric trains of the Stadler Gelenktriebwagen (GTW) (articulated railcar) type and a number of FLIRT3 trains. A special train is the Stadler FLIRT3 Multisystem, which can run on tracks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For Arriva, we also maintain the Concordia LINT 41 at Venlo. These trains are manufactured by Alstom.

Our workshop
The Arriva and Connexxion fleets are expanding and Stadler Service Nederland is expanding with them. At Venlo, we opened a modernised workshop with a length of 80 metres and three working tracks in 2016. It’s a workshop where any technician worth his salt will become enthusiastic.

Our work
We ensure that the trains entrusted to us remain in an optimal condition. We do this firstly by means of maintenance. Every train set enters our workshop at regular intervals (cyclically). Throughout the year, we perform more than 250 maintenance tasks. We check for and repair normal wear to the trains, as well as abnormal defects, e.g. due to vandalism. Trains are used intensively and therefore require major maintenance and overhauls. Long-term maintenance increases operational reliability. After a certain number of operating hours or kilometres driven, all equipment undergoes an additional check according to the factory regulations. We replace or adjust the necessary parts.

For each train type, we have a wide range of parts ready in our warehouse. If we cannot rectify a fault directly, we replace the defective part so that the train set can return to the tracks quickly. Our specialists in the workshop then get the time for repairs without the customer experiencing inconvenience.

Train technology has developed rapidly. After diesel engines, gearboxes, cardan axes and hard relay electronics came electric motors, flow controllers. microcomputers and PLC systems. Traditional tools have been complemented by laptops for efficient and accurate diagnosis. Mobile data networks even enable us to track trains and parts from the workshop. In this way, we can signal and solve problems before the driver and the passengers find notice anything.


Working in Venlo

Our work and our people
At Venlo, maintenance mechanics, shift leaders, an instructor and a RAMS engineer (who analyses faults, etc.) work on the trains themselves. In addition, we have administrative employees, a
warehouse manager, a work preparer/planner, a business office manager and a location manager.

The work of the mechanics is very varied. They:
•           perform maintenance tasks
•           replace wearing parts
•           repair damage
•           perform bogie overhauls
•           turn wheels with a pit wheel lathe
•           repair electronic and mechanical faults
•           replace interiors (e.g. after vandalism)
•           replace windows
•           remove graffiti
•           drive trains with faults to the workshop
•           identify faults

The team of Stadler Service Nederland in Venlo has a varied age range. This not only benefits the atmosphere but also the quality of the work. Young and old meet each challenge together with a combination of experience, commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism. 


General information about Stadler Service Nederland BV:

The Swiss company Stadler Rail manufactures modern and comfortable trains that can be seen on the tracks in dozens of countries. In the Netherlands too, your chances of riding on a Stadler train are increasing. Stadler operates its own service and maintenance company: Stadler Service Nederland BV. Our four modern workshops ensure that hundreds of trains and trams can transport tens of thousands of people without problems, 365 days a year.

Stadler Service Nederland has workshops in Leeuwarden, Nieuwegein, Venlo and Hengelo. The headquarters are located in Twello. We have a total of around 95 employees in the Netherlands.


Christiaan Vermeer

Telefonszám: +31 58 233 4832

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