LEEUWARDEN DEPOT , Leeuwarden, Hollandia


Our customer
At the Leeuwarden workshop, our customer is Arriva. Until recently, NS was the only passenger train operator in the Netherlands. That ended in 2004 when Arriva received a concession for regional rail transport in the northern Netherlands. From the outset, Stadler Service Nederland (then known as Voith Rail Services) provided maintenance services for Arriva trains.

Our trains
The Arriva fleet in the northern Netherlands consists entirely of Stadler trains. At Leeuwarden, we have a total of 51 diesel trains of the Gelenktriebwagen (GTW) (articulated railcar) type in service. 14 of these are so-called two-car body sets and 37 are three-car body sets.

Arriva also won the Northern lines operating licence for the period 2020 to 2035. The operator therefore ordered 18 multiple unit trains from Stadler Rail. These trains are also maintained by Stadler Service Nederland. Arriva is set to start using the new trains between 2018 and 2020.

Our workshop
The Arriva fleet is expanding and Stadler Service Nederland is expanding with it. At Leeuwarden, we already have a large workshop which will be further expanded and modernised in the coming years. The new workshop will be ready by 2020.

Our work
At Stadler Service Nederland, we deliver availability. To maximise availability, we perform preventative maintenance (in the short and long term) and resolve any malfunctions that arise. At Leeuwarden, we have a 24-hour emergency service that can help trains experiencing technical problems at any time. Arriva’s trains also operate in Groningen. Should a fault occur on the track, a service engineer is always present in our small workshop in Groningen during the daytime hours.

To the extent that it is feasible, we perform maintenance outside of peak hours so as to inconvenience Arriva’s passengers as little as possible. We also ensure that maintenance is performed as quickly as possible.


Working in Leeuwarden

Our work and our people
At Leeuwarden, maintenance engineers, fault service engineers, all-round fitters, apprentice fitters, shift leaders and a RAMS engineer (who analyses faults, etc.) work on the trains themselves. In addition, we have administrative staff, a warehouse manager, a work preparer/planner, a business office manager and a location manager.

The work of the mechanics is very varied. They:
•           perform maintenance tasks
•           replace wearing parts
•           repair damage
•           perform bogie overhauls
•           turn wheels with a pit wheel lathe
•           repair electronic and mechanical faults
•           replace interiors (e.g. after vandalism)
•           replace windows
•           drive trains with faults to the workshop
•           identify faults


General information about Stadler Service Nederland BV:

The Swiss company Stadler Rail manufactures modern and comfortable trains that can be seen on the tracks in dozens of countries. In the Netherlands too, your chances of riding on a Stadler train are increasing. Stadler operates its own service and maintenance company: Stadler Service Nederland BV. Our four modern workshops ensure that hundreds of trains and trams can transport tens of thousands of people without problems, 365 days a year.

Stadler Service Nederland has workshops in Leeuwarden, Nieuwegein, Venlo and Hengelo. The headquarters are located in Twello. We have a total of around 95 employees in the Netherlands.


Location Manager
Jouke de Haan

Telefonszám: +31 58 233 49 50
E-mail: jouke.dehaan@stadlerrail.com