TANGO is a city rail train with great potential to be custom-made. TANGO can be configured as a classical tram, and also as an intercity train with a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

The TANGO city rail train is designed as a three to six-car vehicle and with a high-floor vehicle concept. Customised versions with a low-floor proportion of 70% are also possible. TANGO is available as Uni- or Bi-directional vehicle and has a minimum curve radius of 12 metres. The stable car body structure meets the crashworthiness requirements of EN 15227. The bogies can be equipped with steel springs or with the option of a pneumatic suspension. Large windows ensure that there is lots of natural light, and a flexible interior with scalable seating and standing capacity gives trams operators great scope in the interior design. The TANGO operated by BOGESTRA won the iF Design Award in 2006.

Stadler received the first order for TANGO vehicles from Forchbahn. The vehicles have been in use since 2004.