Stadler secures tailor-made contract in Slovakia

Stadler is to deliver five rack-and-pinion / adhesion traction GTW-type multiple units and a multifunctional rack-and-pinion / adhesion traction locomotive for the Slovakian rail company ŽSSK (Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a.s., Bratislava, Slovakia). The vehicles will be rolled out in 2022 on the rack-and-pinion and adhesion traction network for TEŽ’s metre-gauge electric mountain trains in the High Tatras, the smallest high-mountain region in the world.

“We’re thrilled to have won this tender, and look forward to supplying TEŽ with our latest generation of reliable, safe, and comfortable GTW vehicles. The rail operator and passengers will benefit from the modern vehicles to the same extent. We are particularly proud that with this order we are able to build on the joint, successful history with the customer ŽSSK in the High Tatras”, said Peter Jenelten, Executive Vice President Stadler Rail Group, during the signing of the contract in Štrba, Slovakia.

Comfortable, universal vehicles

The passenger vehicles ordered by TEŽ are the latest generation GTW-type low-floor units, specially adapted for combined rack-and-pinion and adhesion traction operation. Universal vehicles of this type are already operating successfully in France and Switzerland. The five new multiple units each offer 91 seats and 2 wheelchair spaces as well as multifunctional zones for bicycles and pushchairs. They are equipped with Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and a modern passenger information system as well as a video system and passenger counting facilities. The low-floor design allows passengers to board and alight easily on the same level. 

The multifunctional locomotive has an electric drive and a diesel engine, which meets EURO-IIIB emissions standards. It can be used on adhesion traction and rack-and-pinion tracks. In winter, a snow blower can be fitted onto the locomotive to clear snow from the TEŽ tracks. The driver’s cabs are air-conditioned. The vehicle can also be operated remotely by radio transmission. Similar working vehicles are already being used on mountain routes in Switzerland and Spain.