Giruno passes one more test: 275 km/h through the Gotthard base tunnel

This past Easter weekend the Giruno drove on test-runs up to 275 km/h through the Gotthard base tunnel. These overspeed trials were completed to ensure safe and successful operation of these trains as well as a smooth integration into the future scheduling. These trial runs until 275 km/h signify a further milestone on the way to commissioning these trains up to a top speed of 250 km/h.

Following the Roll out of the new Gotthard train, named Giruno by the SBB, on 18 May last year various trial and test runs were immediately initiated. In order to commission these new Gotthard-trains in Switzerland, Stadler is currently carrying out trial runs and acceptance testing on five trains of this type within Switzerland and its bordering countries. A sixth train is undergoing preparations at the Stadler commissioning center in Erlen. These extensive tests are necessary in order to achieve commissioning in four countries. The planning of these trial runs is a complex undertaking, as several interdependencies between the tests within the four countries of future operation, namely Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria are to be taken into account. According to Thomas Legler, technical project leader at Stadler: ā€¯The entire team is showing a magnificent effort in order to ensure the on-time and on-schedule trial runs through the Gotthard base-tunnel.ā€¯ Besides further testing at speeds between 200ā€“250 km/h the main focus for the Giruno-team is the preparation of documents for commissioning in the four countries of future operation required by the SBB.

The Giruno will commence operation through the Gotthard base-tunnel along with the timetable-change of 2019 and connect Zurich with Milan.