TRAMLINK is a multiple-link low-floor tram. The barrier-free TRAMLINK type tram has a low-floor design throughout. TRAMLINK is available for meter-gauge and standard-gauge networks.

The TRAMLINK tram, which supports a set of up to 7 cars, is available as a uni-direction or a bi-directional vehicle. It has a lightweight construction and meets the crash standard conforming to EN 15227. The individual way in which TRAMLINK can be developed and built is demonstrated by the configuration options: track gauges of 900, 1000 or 1435 mm, different lengths and widths, and even a version to run without overhead contact lines are all possible. The interior can be configured and equipped individually; the positioning of the doors can also be adapted to suit requirements.

The first order for TRAMLINK trams was placed by the Rostocker Strassenbahnen (RSAG) tram company in 2011.