The FLIRT160 is a single-decker regional train. The name is everything with the FLIRT, the Fast Light Intercity and Regional Train. As a regional train with a maximum speed of 160 km/h, the FLIRT has been running successfully in a variety of climates, from Africa to the Arctic Circle, since 2004.

The FLIRT160 is a single-decker, flexibly customisable regional train. The lightweight construction in aluminium, maintenance-friendly construction and thousands of proven components help to keep running, energy and maintenance costs low. Trainsets of between two and six carriages are possible in standard and broad gauge, with an electric drive, diesel drive and even in a bimodal design. The design of the FLIRT can also be customised very flexibly in terms of seating capacity, passenger flow or interior design.

Stadler received its first order for electrically powered FLIRT trains from SBB in 2002.