The EUROLIGHT is a diesel-electric locomotive with a maximum speed of 160 km/h. It was developed with a view towards low axle load and is used for freight and passenger transport.

The EUROLIGHT is a four-axle diesel-electric locomotive for standard gauge tracks. It is equipped with a diesel engine from Caterpillar, giving it high tractive force, and features a flexible torque transmission system. On account of the optimised weight, the EUROLIGHT is used is any scenarios where there is a need for low axle load coupled with a high tractive force. The EUROLIGHT meets all the requirements of the TSI. The EUROLIGHT offers rail operators great flexibility because the vehicles can be operated both on mainlines and on C-class railway lines.

Stadler received its first order for EUROLIGHT locomotives from Beacon Rail Leasing (BRLL) in 2011. These vehicles are operated by Direct Rail Services (DRS) in England.