Stadler delivers double-decker multiple-unit trains to Slovakia for the first time

Stadler and the Slovakian railway company ZSSK (ŇĹeleznińćná spolońćnosŇ• Slovensko, a.s.) today signed a contract for the manufacture and delivery of four double-decker multiple-unit KISS trains. This is the first time that Stadler will supply its double-decker vehicle with electric drive to Slovakia. According to the contract, delivery of the vehicles should take place by the end of 2023.

Stadler has emerged as the winner of another international tender in Slovakia. Stadler today signed a contract in Bratislava with the Slovakian railway company ZSSK for the manufacture and delivery of four double-decker multiple-unit KISS trains with electric drive. The six-car vehicles are intended for use on regional lines in western and central Slovakia. This is the first time that double-decker multiple-unit trains from Stadler will operate on the Slovakian rail network. According to the contract, the delivery of the four new KISS vehicles should take place by the end of 2023.

The ZSSK fleet already includes 21 single-decker articulated railcars (GTW) from Stadler, 15 of which are narrow-gauge GTW with electric drive and 6 are standard-gauge GTW with diesel-electric drive. In autumn 2018, ZSSK also placed an order with Stadler for five GTW rack-and-pinion adhesion multiple units and a multifunctional rack-and-pinion adhesion locomotive for use on the rack-and-pinion and adhesion network of the metre-gauge electric TEŇĹ mountain railways in the High Tatras, the “smallest high mountain range in the world”.

“We are very pleased that we have succeeded in winning this tender and that we will be able to supply our reliable, safe and comfortable double-decker multiple-unit KISS train to Slovakia for the first time. The rail operator and passengers will benefit from the modern vehicles to the same extent. We are particularly proud that we can continue our common history with ZSSK thanks to this order. We would like to thank ŇĹSSK for their trust and look forward to continuing our successful partnership,” says Dr. Ansgar Brockmeyer, Executive Vice President Marketing & Sales and Deputy CEO of Stadler.

More about the vehicles

The six-car KISS vehicles are 155 metres long and have more than 600 seats in 1st and 2nd class. Like all KISS trains from Stadler, they are characterised by high drive power and sprint-capable acceleration. When operating on electric drive powered via the overhead contact line, the KISS vehicles can reach a maximum speed of up to 160 kilometres per hour. The trains have a step-free entrance area and four toilets, one of which is for people with reduced mobility. The multifunctional compartments offer not only places for wheelchair users, but also generous storage space for bicycles, prams and luggage.

The new KISS vehicles have an HVAC system for the passenger compartments and driver’s cabs. Passengers benefit from a modern passenger information system (PIS) and WLAN. Cameras inside and outside as well as on the roof to observe the pantograph ensure safe rail operation. The vehicles are also equipped with a certified energy consumption measuring system and a precise passenger counting system. The drivers can take advantage of a modern, ergonomically designed driver’s cab.