On this page, you’ll learn more about what it’s like to join Stadler as a specialist and an expert in your field. Whether you're an automation or inspection engineer, a bid manager, mechanic, electrician, welder, designer or project manager... Use the handy search function below to discover our open positions.

For Professionals, Skilled Trades

You’re a specialist who can be relied upon to get the job done. You’ve already gathered a great deal of valuable experience in your field. You enjoy shouldering responsibility, both your own and that of your team. If all of the above ring true, then you and Stadler will be a perfect match. Shape the future of rail vehicle construction and join us as we continue to write railway history.

  • Electricians wire up electrical switchboards, assemble components independently and connect large components. They work in teams either in electrical pre-assembly, in assembly of tailor-made or production vehicles or in commissioning – all in heated assembly halls.

  • Employees at commissioning inspect electrical and electromechanical components and approve them. They work together with clients for factory acceptance tests, prepare internal practical runs and execute acceptance runs. Employees at commissioning work directly on the vehicles in both heated assembly halls and outside.

  • Project leaders process and conclude orders from clients independently – the production process of every series of train, tram or locomotive being a project. They work like entrepreneurs – independently and with a large degree of freedom. Project leaders head project teams of up to 50 employees.