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Stadler combines impressively attractive products with dynamic work methods and a genuine approach to environmental concerns. If you’d like to help make inner-city and long-distance travel safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly for millions of people, then you’ll feel right at home at Stadler.

Engineering, production, assembly, commissioning, signalling, maintenance, project management, sales... at Stadler, our tasks are as diverse as the railway vehicles we manufacture. Find out what it’s like to be part of the Stadler team. Reach your full potential and contribute to the success of a global enterprise.

1. Working at Stadler

In every department at Stadler, you can look forward to exciting assignments, possibilities for advancement and a variety of opportunities for cultivating your own personal skill sets and talents. Stadler, the technological pioneer of railway vehicles, offers employees in each of its locations a team-oriented work environment and the unique atmosphere of a family-owned company. Employees at all levels are granted a high degree of autonomy – or as one employee aptly put it: “At Stadler, I am expected to make my own decisions”. Stadler have been established in the US since 2016 and in the UK since early 2017, and there are a lot of projects and initiatives to get involved in.

2. Career advancement

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. “Nothing is impossible” is a credo that Stadler employees really take to heart. We help you achieve your potential, prepare you for new challenges and encourage you to discover hidden talents. At Stadler, the possibilities for advancement are not just limited to the line functions of the traditional career ladder. We offer a variety of in-house training programmes to help you progress, and encourage employees with individual support.

3. Products

Stadler offers an extensive range of standard-gauge and city railway products:

  • High-speed trains
  • Intercity trains
  • Regional and suburban trains
  • Locomotives
  • Underground trains
  • Trams
  • Tramways

Stadler started out by making single-vehicle and small-series trains. Today more than ever, Stadler satisfies a wide range of individual customer needs by offering tailor-made solutions:

  • Multiple-unit trains
  • Locomotives
  • Rack railways
  • Passenger carriages

4. Sustainability

At Stadler, our commitment to sustainable mobility goes way beyond our trains. It also extends to the production of sustainable means of transport. 96 percent of each Stadler vehicle is recyclable. Measured over a vehicle’s entire life cycle, this proportion increases to almost 98 percent. Stadler’s certified quality and environmental management guidelines include measures that allow energy consumption to be reduced during production, waste and recycling material to be sorted individually, and CO2 emissions to be kept to a minimum. Many of our locations are near railway stations meaning that commuting to work is extremely easy. What’s more, employees in Switzerland, as well as in certain other countries, are offered special discounted rates for rail travel.

How to apply

Check the Enlace for a suitable position. We look forward to receiving your application – simply follow the instructions to submit your application via the application tool in the corresponding job listing. If none of the job listings correspond to your particular qualifications, you’re welcome to send us an unsolicited application as well as your CV: Click on “Unsolicited application” above the vacancies and you’ll be taken to the appropriate page.