Stadler Service Nederland B.V, TWELLO / LEEUWARDEN / VENLO / HENGELO / BLERICK, Netherlands

Stadler Service Nederland B.V

In the course of the acquisition of Voith Railservices B.V. in 2013, Stadler established Stadler Service Nederland B.V. Today, Stadler operates three service centres and one Refit location in the Netherlands: in Leeuwarden, Venlo, Hengelo and Blerick (Refit). The headquarter of Stadler Service Nederland B.V. is based in Twello, where Stadler conducts work in the fields of Finance & Control, Human Resources and Business Support.

At the site in Leeuwarden, Stadler maintains 50 GTW and 18 WINK of the customer Arriva.

In Venlo, Stadler carries out work on 23 FLIRT, 24 GTW and 7 LINT (manufactured by Alstom) of the railway operator Arriva. Furthermore, Stadler maintains 10 GTW of Qbuzz and 9 GTW of Connexxion.

In Hengelo, Stadler maintains 24 FLIRT of the railway operator Keolis.


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