Stadler Linz GmbH, Linz, Austria

Stadler Linz GmbH

Stadler Linz GmbH, Austria

Stadler operates a service centre in the Austrian city of Linz. As part of the purchase of seven six-carriage KISS multiple units in 2010, WESTbahn Management GmbH also entered into a maintenance agreement lasting several years in 2011. The sales partner is Stadler Linz GmbH, whose team of 20 service employees always carries out maintenance work on the vehicles at nights. This ensures that the entire fleet is up and running during the day, and that the customer gets by without having to resort to reserve vehicles. Ten vehicles will be added to the fleet in the near future. Stadler will have a total of 17 KISS vehicles in service by then. The maintenance hall was planned and built in cooperation between WESTbahn and Stadler. It is the property of WESTbahn GmbH.


Managing Director
Jürgen Peschek
Phone +43 732 90 312 2211

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