Stadler Service Norway AS, OSLO / DRAMMEN / BERGEN, Norway

Stadler Service Norway AS

Stadler has three service locations in Norway: in Oslo, Drammen and Bergen.

On the Oslo site, Stadler carries out maintenance work on the FLIRT fleet of the Norwegian rail operators Vy tog AS and Vy Gjøvikbanen AS. Since December 2020, two EURODUAL locomotives have also been maintained there for European Loc Pool AG.

In Drammen, around 44 kilometres south-west of Oslo, Stadler completes commissioning and warranty work on the FLIRT vehicles of Norske Tog AS. In addition, Stadler has carried out full-service work on the FLIRT fleet of Vy tog AS since February 2020. There is also a spare parts warehouse on the site.

In Bergen, Stadler takes care of full-service work on the VARIOBAHN fleet of Bybanen AS.


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