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Stadler wins in Belarus

Stadler Rail has won the international tender to deliver Belarus Railways with ten FLIRTs (Fast Light Innovative Regional Train). The contract was signed this afternoon in Minsk, with a volume of around EUR 60 million (including reserve materials). Delivery of the four-carriage trains will already start in December this year and continue until the middle of 2012. The trains are more or less identical to the 32 FLIRTs manufactured for Helsinki. They will be manufactured in parallel to these in Bussnang. Once again, thanks to its high levels of innovation, Stadler Rail has been able to win another order, 80% of the value of which will be created in Switzerland.

First contract from a Commonwealth of Independent States country
This is Stadler’s first contract from a country from the former Soviet Union. Peter Spuhler, owner and CEO of Stadler Rail Group, is delighted. “I’m very proud that our FLIRTs soon will operate in Belarus as well. This means we will be present in 11 countries. This proves that we are competitive from Switzerland with an added value of 80%. Stadler has sold 557 FLIRTs, of which 417 were sold to countries abroad.”

The trains will be built in two versions: six FLIRTs will serve the traditional local train network in the region of the Belarusian capital Minsk. The other four FLIRTs are intended for intercity travel between the larger towns. These will have a more comfortable, higher level interior, in view of the longer journey times. As in Finland, the trains in Belarus will operate on a broad-gauge track of 1,520 millimetres, and have a larger clearance.

Stadler Rail Group
Stadler Rail Group, system supplier of customer-specific solutions for rail vehicle construction, has locations in Switzerland (Altenrhein, Bussnang and Winterthur), in Germany (Berlin-Pankow and Velten), in Poland (Siedlce), in Hungary (Budapest, Pusztaszabolcs and Szolnok), in the Czech Republic (Prague), in Italy (Merano) and in Algeria (Algiers). The Group has a workforce of over 3,000 people around the world. The best-known vehicle series from Stadler Rail Group are the articulated multiple-unit trains GTW (501 trains sold), the Regio-Shuttle RS1 (404 trains sold), the FLIRT (557 trains sold), the double-decker DOSTO (73 trains sold) in the railway segment, and the Variobahn (264 trains sold) and the newly-developed Tango (142 trains sold) in the tram segment. Furthermore Stadler Rail manufactures passenger carriages and locomotives and is the world’s leading manufacturer of rack-and-pinion rail vehicles.

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